Entities are moving back and forth between vacancy and mass, proximity and distance, lightness and darkness, and the visible and unseen. My art process involves navigating the constant push and pull, the battle between these elements. Acrylic paint, pencils, pastels, charcoal, graphite, ink, and most recently oils, are the tools I use to communicate. I am trying to reveal the presence that lies just beneath the surface. If you look very closely, you will always find the secret. My greatest wish is to connect with every viewer.

-Patricia Clinton Woodhull

Patricia is a Raleigh-based artist, whose current focus is on impressionistic landscapes. Monet, Klimt, Rauschenberg, Hoffman, and Frankenthaler are the biggest influencers of her work. Her paintings have been included and sold in The Raleigh Fine Arts Society. She has also won several awards from Sparkcon’s Streetpainting Festival and has participated in many Visual Art Exchange Exhibitions. You can find Patricia working in her studio at The Carter Building in downtown Raleigh.